My Two Forums

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My Two Forums

Post by HoneyGoddess57 »

Yeah, I actually have two forums that I'm keeping for good. One that I've created in 2010 and the other one in 2019. First of all let me explain for my forum Etsy Love that I have created (here's what I've explained on that site):
I would love to welcome you to this forum that I've created on September 2019. The reason why I've created the forum is because there isn't much of forum sites related to Etsy and that I love Etsy with all my heart and it deserves to have some forums about it. The site have a community too but Etsy deserves more love. I always loved to do a forum about Etsy, people having discussions about decorations, clothing and many more. What they love to see on the site. I loved Etsy since around 2017 and over the years I love it enough to create this forum. This is just a fun community, nothing serious.

Now as for my forum Circle of Friends (what I've explained on that forum):
I would love to welcome you to this forum I've created back in 2010. The reason why I created this forum is about people being nice towards each other and mostly a community where all people can discuss about anything... just like other sites but it's mostly for people who accepts autism, asperger, trisomy and all sorts of disabalities. People with autism and such can (and the parents) also come here (again like other forums) can have a talk.

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Re: My Two Forums

Post by Megan »

Both forums sound interesting. The second's one especially sounds really nice. Might have to join sometime when I'm unlazy. XD
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