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Not very well known these days Lunar is a RPG game series that got its start on Sega CD. It started with Lunar the Silver Star and was followed by Lunar Eternal Blue.

The first game follows a young boy named Alex who wants to become a Dragon Master like his hero Dyne. A Dragon Master protects the Goddess Althena who is the Goddess of the world of Lunar and protects it, and every so often takes a human form.

Years later the first two games were remade for Playstation/Saturn (Japan) as Lunar Silver Star Story Complete and Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete. The first Lunar also made its way onto Gameboy Advance as Lunar Legend (with a couple different story elements from the novels and super cute sprites) and onto PSP as Lunar Silver Star Harmony, and finally onto iOS as Lunar Silver Star Story Touch.

There was also a spin off only released in Japan first for Game Gear as Lunar Walking School and then as Lunar Magic School for Saturn. Finally there was a prequel for the DS Lunar Dragon Song.

I'm a HUGE fan of this series. It's my favorite ever, and in particular Lunar Eternal Blue/Lunar Eternal Blue Complete. It was the first one I played (the original one of Eternal Blue) and it got me hooked. It's a little funny since my brother had picked it up for my mom at a flea market cause she wanted to play it (as she had played the first game) and it was hard to find. She kept telling us all to play it. I vaguely remember messing around on the first but never playing much on it. But when I saw the box art for the second and saw the anime art (I was just getting into anime at the time) I decided to play and got hooked. I don't think my mom ever did end up playing it as she was busy and stuff.

I love nearly everything about the series. The battle system is a little different than most RPG's. It had awesome music, and the voice acting was pretty decent.

I have a decent collection of stuff from the games. A decent portion of the soundtracks, the manga and novels, and one of my prized possessions two Lunar keychains of Alex and All and of Althena. The keychains are especially cool since they came with little stands and are like mini figures.
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