Sailor Moon Cosmos

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Sailor Moon Cosmos

Post by Megan »

The final bit of the reboot of Sailor Moon like the last arc that was released via two movies (Sailor Moon Eternal) is also being released in a two part movies, title Sailor Moon Cosmos.

This arc follows the last arc of the manga. Fans of the original anime know it as the last season of the anime Sailor Moon Stars. This arc has a little history as in the original anime it was apparently changed quite a bit. (I can't say as I haven't watched Stars yet, just haven't gotten to it, which may surprise some people that know how I love Sailor Moon). I do know a very important character near the end was cut, Sailor Cosmos (thus the movie title). I won't say anything about that particular character so as not to spoil anything, but the fact that this reboot follows the manga closely, means we'll finally get to see her in anime form which is exciting!

Anyway, here are some trailers for the movies. Only the first has subtitles sadly. Though the last is the best of them in my opinion:

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Trailer 3:

Part 1 is supposed to release June 9th and Part 2 June 30th in Japan. Hopefully like Eternal these will get a worldwide release on Netflix.

Me, I'm super excited. I'm glad they are at least completing the reboot. It was uncertain after season 3 of Crystal since it was so long for any news on it. Though some of it was due to Covid-19 though even before that I think it was quite a while till anything was heard. These movies are moving much faster than the last two though. It'll be nice to finally see the manga version in anime form.

Though I am kinda hoping at some point they might do the short stories from the manga. I'd think they'd want to do the one involving Luna which back when the original anime was still running became the Sailor Moon S movie. That was the biggest of those stories. Regardless I'm glad to get this.
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