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For those that don't know about the series, it originally came out on Sega CD. The first game Lunar the Silver Star and Lunar Eternal Blue. It later came on Playstation remade as Lunar Silver Star Story Complete and Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete. Sometime after Lunar Legend came out for Gameboy Advance. For DS some years later came Lunar Dragon Song. On PSP Lunar Silver Star Harmony, and finally, on mobile was Lunar Silver Star Story Touch.

There also was Lunar Walking School and its remake Magical School Lunar. But those never hit the US. Also the remakes that were on Playstation in Japan were for Saturn I believe.

As for the story I won't go into much detail, since the three main games each had their own. But basically everyone lives on a place called Lunar. They all seem to worship the Goddess Athena who made the planet livable and what not. She herself is protected by the four dragons who the Dragon Master controls and uses to protect her. Every so often though the goddess goes and takes a human form.

Most of the games deal with either becoming a Dragon Master, or saving Lunar in some way. Its honestly a lot better then it sounds.

Me, I started out with Lunar Eternal Blue. My brother had found it at a flea market for my mom (she liked the first and wanted the second). Seeing the anime art I tried it out and fell in love. I eventually started the first one, but never finished. Then our Sega CD got messed in a flood. I of course played all the other games. I finally a couple years ago got my hands on another Sega CD and finally finished the first one.

I actually have a decent Lunar collection. Here's some of the stuff I know I have offhand:

- Lunar the Silver Star
-Lunar Eternal Blue
- Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (plus the soundtrack and extra's)
- Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete (plus the soundtrack and extra's)
- Lunar Legend
- Lunar Silver Star Harmony (special edition that came with the soundtrack and character cards)
- Lunar Silver Star Story Touch
- Lunar the Silver Star soundtrack
- Lunar Eternal Blue soundtrack
- Lunar Songs
- Lunar Songs II
- Magical School Lunar Volume 1 soundtrack
- Magical School Lunar Volume 2 soundtrack
- Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete Guidebook
- Lunar Silver Star Harmony Guidebook
- Keychains of Alex and the Goddess Althena (one of my prized Lunar stuff since they're rare)
- Lunar I & 2 artbook
- Lunar Tale of the Vane Airship manga
- Lunar Childhoods End manga
- Lunar 2 manga
- Magical School Lunar manga
- Lunar Silver Star Story novels
- Lunar 2 Eternal Blue novels
- Magical School Lunar novel
- Lunar Silver Star Story mousepad

That's about it.
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