Physical or Digital games?

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Physical or digital games?

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Re: Physical or Digital games?

Post by Megan »

elfwink wrote: Sat Oct 17, 2020 7:20 pm If they're board games, physical is generally better. Digital board games are typically not as good as their physical counterparts. With rare exceptions.

Physical copies of video games used to be my preference. Back in the day, the internet speed sucked, so it made sense to load your game off a physical medium. It also meant you would always have the game, even if you lost your account, the parent company closed or otherwise took away your access. (Imagine if you had to re-purchase your digital game every few years!? Some game company will probably want to do that >_> I mean they're already wanting us to sign up for premium subscriptions.)

However, I think digital is still the superior medium. This is because CDs, cartridges, and other physical media will eventually obsolesce. Or otherwise they could become faulty, get recalled, etc. In those cases they get buried or become landfill, which is toxic for the Earth.
Not wrong on how physical media could get faulty and stuff. I've had game cartridges go funky. Usually a bit of cleaning can help, but not so much if its the battery in it. I have a save one for Sega CD and it won't keep saves. Also had a similar issue with Final Fantasy II (Snes, it technically was IV). It wouldn't keep my saves. And Final Fantasy III/VI. I replayed most of the game so much because it kept killing my saves. I finally figured out unhooking the system while the game was in there was doing it. Only came across it with that one. *shrugs*

Same can go with CDs. I've had to replace Lunar and Lunar 2 for Sega CD when they got damaged. XD Among other games over the years.
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Re: Physical or Digital games?

Post by Kyng »

Digital... I don't even have any means of playing physical games any more :P .
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