To Sleep in a Sea of Stars Movie

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To Sleep in a Sea of Stars Movie

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Well that was fast. :dlaugh:

Apparently there is already plans to make Christopher Paolini's newest book "To Sleep in a Sea of Stars" into a movie. Christopher is working with his sister and Made Up Stories and Snoot Entertainment. For more info about the movie you can go here.

The book was about:

Without giving too much away its about a woman named Kira who finds a relic of aliens. However, she soon regrets ever finding it as it destroys her life and could very well destroy others as a war seems to be breaking out over it.

I for one am excited. I loved the book (and good news for anyone that does is he's planning more for this series!). Hopefully it goes over better then the Eragon movie did. I never saw it but heard it was horrible in comparison to the book. Hoping this does well!
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