To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

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To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

Post by Megan »

A band new book by Christopher Paolini author of the Inheritance Cycle (aka the Eragon books). His first novel out of the series and first adult one.

As could be guessed its a sci-fi.

Without giving too much away its about a woman named Kira who finds a relic of aliens. However, she soon regrets ever finding it as it destroys her life and could very well destroy others as a war seems to be breaking out over it.

It doesn't sound like much. I wasn't sure what I thought of it, but I wanted to try it since he's one of my favorite authors. And I can confirm, its much better then it sounds. Honestly I can barely put it down. Its sooo good, and some of it is SO messed up in an sort of good what the heck is happening way. Super excited to read more.
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