Mint Lemon Water!

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Mint Lemon Water!

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My parents have bought an indoor mint plant from Costco this weekend and have started harvesting from it already currently and a lot too. Very easy to breed indoors, just add water and put it in the sunlight for 12 hours daily. I’ve had the most refreshing and flavorful lemon mint filtered water today to quench my thirst the whole day today too.

Ingredients :

1. 1 slice lemon or lime,

2. 2-3 fresh mint leaves freshly picked from the plant.

3. 2-3 white sugars.

4. Fresh filtered water.

Recipe :

1. Peel and cut the lemon or lime in slices, put 1 in a glass carafe.

2. Add in the fresh mint leaves and water.

3 Stir a little with a spoon.

4.Serve in a glass and enjoy!
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